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Why is curiosity frowned upon in society?

Why is curiosity frowned upon in society?

Why do we suppress our natural desires to debunk the norm and find our own truths?

The biggest breakthroughs throughout history have happened despite constant opposition. Why can’t we nurture and encourage this behavior? I see this everyday in today’s society. Someone wants to explore veganism, people tell them they’ll be protein deficient; a student is frowned upon for questioning why communism is so bad, a teen is seen as disrespectful/ungrateful to the country for questioning why our military receives so much praise when they aren’t “protecting our freedoms” but merely protecting US interests and imposing themselves on other nations.

Who decided monogamy is natural?

Who decided homosexuality isn’t natural?

Who am I to tell someone my way of life is right and theirs is wrong?

There are countless case studies that refute each and every fact we think we know. Why are we so fixated with comfort and not fascinated enough with the endless truths that are waiting to be found? There shouldn’t be anything “wrong” or “offensive” about challenging our ideas of what is right and wrong, but we as a society frown upon those who try to push the boundaries.

Why is that?

- 5/28/2018

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