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I utilize Functional Patterns to address dysfunctions and muscle imbalances for better posture, athleticism, & overall quality of life.​​

- Integrative approach to your health by fixing imbalances at a foundational level - Get you out of pain by allowing oxygen to circulate more efficiently through corrective exercises oriented around the basic human functions of proper standing, walking, running, & throwing -Build symmetry for a better aesthetic (allowing the body to carry more lean muscle & less fat) - Eliminate joint pain/stiffness - Manage stress/anxiety via an improved  mind-body connection - Improved energy, sleep, & libido - Improve the body's stress response system to prevent diseases

Train with me

WhatsApp: +1 (857) 928-0077

Congrats on taking the first step on your journey towards optimal health. I will get in touch with you soon!

My Services

My services (training page)
With Functional Patterns, you can tap into our evolutionary blueprint to become the best version of yourself. A stress-resilient body is a healthy, happy, disease-free body.

Personalized Coaching Program

  • 12-week program geared towards your addressing your specific dysfunctions & imbalances

  • Rebuild your structure and movement quality from the ground up for pain-free Performance as we progress

  • Interactive survey & reporting

  • Filmed personalized exercises with cues specific to your body


Mentorship & Quality Control

  • 1-3 weekly training sessions to make ensure proper technique & understanding

  • 1-1 time allows me to constantly adapt the program to fit your needs best for fastest results

  • I will "teach you how to fish" so that you have the tools to perform at a high level over the long haul


Posture & Gait Assessments

  • Monthly posture and gait assessments

  • We cut out any guesswork to make sure we are addressing the parts of your foundation that are holding you back from optimal performance

  • Assessing gait allows us to identify your dysfunctions as it relates to your biology

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