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Our Women

Know & understand this: Women have suffered for centuries.

Men in religion made our women scared to express their intellect & bodies. We’re scared of the woman’s power so at some point, men decided they were allowed to domesticate another human being. That same trauma is so deep that people don’t even know why they are hurting each other. The beatings, rape, & lack of opportunity because the woman’s role in society was assigned by men.

How often do we as men skip the dirty work… not the sex, but the healing. When will we as men take the initiative & get to know a person without thinking sex will eventually come from it? We’re missing vital information because we refuse to get to know our women but would rather base our decisions off of what’s in it for us.

If we have this perception as men that all our women are up to no good… we are attracting that reality! We expect that reality! We don’t even open up and potentially change our lives & the lives of those around us. Opening up doesn’t leave us vulnerable. What leaves us vulnerable is a desire to be comfortable & not work on our problems. We’re all at fault here.

Love will be placed back onto the masses if we can let go of our physical attachments. Let go of this expectation that everybody is out to get us… if that’s the way we feel then we are reflecting something about ourselves, not about the world. If we don’t trust, then we believe that we ourselves aren’t trustworthy.

- 7/23/2020

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