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Importance of self-love

We as a society talk a lot about how to love yourself, but I think we take for granted how difficult it really is.

Loving yourself means learning about yourself, and that only happens with reflection and challenges faced along the way.

We tend to shy away from our difficulties in life and distract ourselves with menial things like TV, hanging out with friends, and going out. We put our life into autopilot for weeks, months, even years at a time. Learning to love yourself brings clarity and meaning to what you want in life. It might mean cutting loose some of the toxicity in your life, but it also means adding intention to everything you do, from how your morning routine is to how you interact with everyone in your life.

The journey might be long and difficult, but I’ve learned that it constantly redefines what happiness and meaning in life is for me, which hopefully makes me a better piece to everyone else’s puzzle.

- 6/5/2019

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