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Why do we have such a negative relationship with conflict?

Why do we have such a negative relationship with conflict?

Everywhere we look, conflict is being discouraged & marginalized.

Professors limit students’ opportunities to give their opinions, coaches stop their players from communicating through mishaps... all under the guise of “respect your peers.” In my opinion, there’s no greater respect than to care enough about resolving an issue that it causes two sides to be passionate about it.

Conflict is just an opportunity to resolve instances of miscommunication, and it’s where bonds are truly formed. It should be embraced. The deepest relationships I have in my life are with the people I’ve fought with, cried with, and failed with. Embracing conflict allows people to see you for who you really are at your core, and vice versa. Avoiding it might help you lead a comfortable life, but not a deeply meaningful one. There’s a saying “iron sharpens iron” and I think we all need to get back to embracing those things that might be uncomfortable right now, but will allow us to feel fulfillment in the long run.

- 6/5/2019

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