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The weight of the world

I wish more people would realize how toxic and stressful that “me against the world” attitude is.

We constantly look to be inspired in a state of pain, to take on these burdens the universe has given us, and to use it as fuel for even more success. Truth is, when we go against the universe and carry ourselves with the weight of all those who might not believe in you, it truly weighs you down and takes a toll over time.

Inspiration should never come from the outside, but from within. If you really want to be great at something, then approach it with pure joy every single day. Believe in your purpose from the bottom of your heart and it will naturally manifest itself into reality.

Manifestation is all around us, the most successful people in the world were all laughed at for being unrealistic at some point. Truth is, they allowed their own belief to carry them instead on relying on others’ disbelief.

- 6/5/2019

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