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The "good" & the "bad"

Human nature never ceases to amaze me.

Why do we crave what’s bad for us?

Why do we never adequately appreciate what’s good for us until we lose it?

We’re creatures of habit, yet we’re constantly trying to stray away from the "bad" habits that we created ourselves while trying to stick with the "good" habits. The bad and destructive is so naturally appealing to us and yet we’ve still found a way to become the dominant species on earth.


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What’s up with this need/desire for individuality we all have? We crave connection: love, laughter, and everything in between. But yet, we still desire to stand out amongst the masses. Duality? Maybe.

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Know & understand this: Women have suffered for centuries. Men in religion made our women scared to express their intellect & bodies. We’re scared of the woman’s power so at some point, men decided th

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I battle thoughts of inadequacy every single day. But in the bottom of my soul, I’m confident that whatever path I choose to go down in life, I’ll be great. I work hard enough to validate this belief,


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