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Past traumas & present troubles

When are we going to stop excusing the way we act towards each other because of a past trauma?

We’ve all been through that phase: “I’m the way I am because that one person did me wrong/made me not trust anyone.” Sheesh, I know I sure am guilty of that. I’ve always used my past troubles and sorrows as an excuse to act a certain way towards new people and relationships, and honestly, it’s selfish.

Past troubles should play a role in shaping us, but we can’t live our life assuming the worst from the next person. Give them the benefit of the doubt until they give you a reason not to. We hold ourselves back from so many opportunities because we’re scared of being hurt. I mean, why should we ever get a free pass to be emotionally unavailable to people who care about us just because of our past that has nothing to do with them?

- 6/27/2018

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