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Functional Patterns Practitioner

Celio Araujo

Posture & Movement Optimization

Training should be intuitive. Learn how to build a stress-resilient body that works with- not against- you.


Precision Training

Are you tired of seeing diminishing returns on your time spent in the gym? I take the guesswork out of your training by identifying the root of your dysfunctions and how to address them.

Utilizing the Functional Patterns system, we prioritize mastering our primary biological functions of standing, walking, running, and throwing.

What Clients Say

About Me
Celio Araujo Functional Patterns training

Training specific to YOU.

Hey, I'm Celio Araujo, Functional Fitness coach and former pro athlete. I work with clients of all ages to help them get out of pain, improve athletic performance, and prevent injuries.


Training with me is about developing efficiency: get more out of your body with less effort. I take a systems approach that allows you to create the habits necessary to continually inch towards optimal health.


If you are a performance athlete, working professional with a sedentary lifestyle, or an active person looking to minimize pain and stay injury free, I provide a proven blueprint that has helped all types of clients from world champion athletes to people with scoliosis, arthritis, sciatica, and more become the best version of themselves.


We are not entitled to good health and a strong body, Functional Patterns can make that journey an intuitive, humbling, and enjoyable experience.

What is Functional Patterns?

What is Functional Patterns?

Functional Patterns is a method focused on developing the body in relation to human physiology, which creates a more sustainable body that has improved capability of responding to stressors in it's environment. We first address posture to establish a solid foundation for quality movement. This phase alone makes FP uniquely "therapeutic" as it directly translates to a more stable spine and less compensations that cause low back pain, neck pain, etc. We then introduce exercises that "re-tension" key muscles that are dormant and reintegrate them into the system. Finally, we move to dynamic movements that connect chains of muscles that are designed to function together such as the AOS (anterior oblique sling) and POS (posterior oblique sling). This is critical because these are the same chains and slings that become disconnected through bad postural and movement habits. By first prioritizing postural dysfunctions and establishing a solid foundation for movement, the body then can intrinsically be wired to transfer force efficiently, ensuring a long life of pain-free movement.

  • Myofascial Manipulation
    A massage technique we use to unbind restricted dysfunctional muscles & connective tissue. This manipulation helps prime the body to become more pliable. This is where we begin to establish the foundation of a well-functioning body.
  • Posture
    The FP system uses techniques designed to override our dysfunctional patterns that develop from sitting too much, standing improperly, or participating in activities and exercises that exacerbate dysfunctions. The first step towards moving well is by learning how to reintegrate all the “dormant” muscles in the body to reach an unconscious neutral posture that equally distributes pressure throughout the body.
  • Corrective Exercise
    After a lifetime of poor posture, injuries, and hardwired patterns from training the body in a certain fashion, the human body develops imbalances and compensations. We use FP corrective exercises to facilitate new connections that lead to biomechanics improvements.
  • Dynamic Movement
    We live in a three-dimensional physical environment, therefore it’s important for your training to reflect this fact. Once we have a solid foundation established, we then learn to master how to transfer energy throughout the body in an efficient manner. Our dynamics replicate real life and athletic situations so that your body is prepared for any movement demands it faces.
  • Gait
    Every organism on the planet move in a way specific to their biology. The gait cycle is the most fundamental type of movement a human does because it’s utilized 99% of the time they are in motion. Mastering an efficient gait is the magic bullet for overall health and vitality.
  • Throwing
    Throwing is a primal dynamic movement that helps to elasticize our sling patterns. Being that humans rotate through space, we use our slings in almost every movement we do. Mastering this provides you with better coordination and allows your body to connect through the spiral lines, further reinforcing efficient gait mechanics.
  • Strength & Performance
    The manner in which Functional Patterns approaches strength and performance is entirely different than the mainstream. Traditional training is heavily oriented around vertical force and compression, isolated weight lifting, and one dimensional linear movements. Our strength training is applied in a way that translates directly over to athletics, running and even walking. Efficient and relevant movement is our priority. Advanced movers have bodies that function in a certain way and we help you install the mechanical tools needed to get you like one.

My Services

With Functional Patterns, you can tap into our evolutionary blueprint to become the best version of yourself. A stress-resilient body is a healthy, happy, disease-free body.

Personalized Coaching Program

  • 12-week program geared towards your addressing your specific dysfunctions & imbalances

  • Rebuild your structure and movement quality from the ground up for pain-free Performance as we progress

  • Interactive survey & reporting

  • Filmed personalized exercises with cues specific to your body


Mentorship & Quality Control

  • 1-3 weekly training sessions to make ensure proper technique & understanding

  • 1-1 time allows me to constantly adapt the program to fit your needs best for fastest results

  • I will "teach you how to fish" so that you have the tools to perform at a high level over the long haul


Posture & Gait Assessments

  • Monthly posture and gait assessments

  • We cut out any guesswork to make sure we are addressing the parts of your foundation that are holding you back from optimal performance

  • Assessing gait allows us to identify your dysfunctions as it relates to your biology

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